Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sushi Workshop

After being closed for two years Mercado Bom Sucesso has recently returned with a new face and concept and it has been organizing various workshops, classes and tasting sessions. One of them is this sushi workshop i attended today. The chef was very friendly and helpful, though it was a bit hard to ear him sometimes due to the noise. But overall was quite pleasant and learned way more than expected. Of course the best part was the sushi sample at the end, om nom nom ^^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nunu Plushie

I knoooow, been slacking off xD But honestly i have a ton of things i wanna post, just haven't been in the mood. Anyways, recently made a plushie of the character Nunu from the game League of Legends. Actually made two of them, one as a birthday present and another one as a praxe related request. Why Nunu? Cuz that's me, i'm Nunu ^^ Damn how can i explain it xD It's some sort of nickname that was given to me inside the praxe, i guess i can say it like that... Oh well, here's a picture of Nunu bellow.

Does you think they look alike? :3 I guess the plushie turned out to be quite cute ^^

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A song for Japan

Beautiful Yoko Kanno's song for the victims of the tragedy in Japan. Stay strong Japan!

きみでいて ぶじでいて
Kimi de ite, Buji de ite
Be you, Be safe

きみでいて ぶじでいて
Be you, Be safe

心配してる 世界が君を心配してる
(shinpai shiteru sekai ga kimi wo shinpai shiteru)
Worried, the world is worried about you

(kimi no namae wo sagashiteru)
Searching for your name

(issho ni iru yo, sekai ga kimi to issho ni iru yo)
With you, the whole world is with you

(kimi no inochi ni ai ni yuku)
Going to meet your life

(kokoro to karada kowasazu kimi wo)
Your heart and your body unbroken

(dakishimete ai ni yuku made)
Until we hold you and see you

きみでいて ぶじでいて
(kimi de ite, buji de ite)
Be you, be safe

Also the four lead actresses of the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes anime — Izumi Kitta, Mikoi Sasaki, Sora Tokui, and Suzuko Mimori — posted a song of support ("Itsudatte Supporter!") on the Lantis label's YouTube channel on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jordan O'Leary - Cosplay Episode 4 and 5

New episode of Jordan O'Leary's documentary about cosplay, some links to his websites bellow, enjoy ~ ^^

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Washing Machine for Dogs and Cats

Don't like the smell of your dog but can't face being scratched as you wrestle to wash your beloved pooch? Well, a company in Japan has the answer: a dog washing machine! Although the dogie doesn't look that happy in the beginning xD And dunno if a cat would be amused either with a bath like that ahah

Friday, March 4, 2011

Katsucon 2011 Fanvideos

Newest fanvideos from acksonl. Really love the slow motion and angles, makes everything look so awesome! Oh and of course the cosplays look fantastic <3 Enjoy~ ^^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jordan O'Leary - Cosplay Episode 3/6

New episode of Jordan O'Leary's documentary about cosplay, some links to his websites bellow, enjoy ~ ^^