Monday, October 25, 2010

Iberanime OPO 2010

Helooooow minna-san! ^^ As you can notice i'm very amused ahah That's cuz me participated on Iberanime OPO 2010 last Saturday :D Guess i can say it was the first medium/large scale event in which i participated. It was a lot of fun and i have a ton of photos to share with you all, wanna take a look?

The event took place inside the Pavilhão Rosa Mota in Oporto, Portugal. Here are its gardens ( peacocks wandering freely through the place )

The Iberanime OPO 2010 poster on the entrance

Shall we go inside now and see all the stuff? ^^
Here's how it looked like ( it opened at 11am, that's why it's kinda of empty )


Video Games

1x1 Fight

Kendo Club


Noodles Stand

K SIC - Anime on Display


Mariana Amaral - Age: 15 - From: Setúbal

Hugo Martins - Age: 14 - From: Santo Tirso

Joana Simão - Age: 15 - From: Lisboa

Catarina Gil - Age: 15 - From: Faro

Hiroke Habe - Age: 21 - From: Agualva-Cacém

Diana Gomes - Age: 14 - From: Guarda

Maria Inês Rodrigues - Age: 20 - From: Setubal

Bruno Batista - Age: 16 - From: Idanha

David Cunha - Age: 20 - From: Amadora

Ana Sofia Salvador - Age: 23 - From: Bensafrim

António Maria Lopes - Age: 14

Tânia Martins Guita - Age: 23 - From: Almancil

Maria Inês Rodrigues - Age: 20 - From: Setúbal

Sara Moura - Age: 19 - From: Setúbal

Pedro Martins - Age: 20 - From: Mem-Martins

Bárbara Carnalho - Age: 20
Ranter Works

Format: A5
Price: Pencil - 5€ | Pen - 8€ | Extra Character - 1€ (each)

Iberanime Shop

Playing GO

( gommen, too big to translate x___x )

Origami Club

City School


Isabelle Jeudy

Elsch Leibelt

Gaijin Sentai



"Free Hugs"
This girl was trying to give hugs to 500 persons on the event, me also got a hug ^^
Video of the last few hugs bellow


Winner of the cosplay contest

2010 Cosplay World Masters

Stage Clear Coverage

Phew, it took the a while to upload all this stuff xD So tell me, what did you think about Iberanime OPO 2010? Did you participated? Me thinks it was awesome, i just wish that more events like this can occur in the future, specially in Oporto ^^ Couldn't resist to buy at least one of the thousands of goodies being sold there, here's my beloved acquirement <3 Has you bought something too?

Hope you enjoyed! Mata ne minna-san! ^^


Chou said...

Aw, amei. Sinceramente acho que perdemos muito ao não termos ido no domingo ;x Mas uhm, fica para a próxima! :D
Já agora, a publicação está mt bem feita. Parabéns!

Panda Cookie said...

Obrigada :D Lá que deu trabalho deu, tanta foto para fazer upload e mais ainda de outras pessoas para completar e vídeos x__x Também gostava de puder ter ido no domingo, o cosplay world masters parece ter sido muito bom, mas pronto fica para a próxima *sob sob* u__u

amuro said...

Aaaai, e eu não fui T______________________________T

Panda Cookie said...

aaw, devias ter ido >__< foi muito giro, para a próxima vez que souber de um evento eu digo-te ^^

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