Monday, October 11, 2010

Super Sonico Figure

Two days ago i showed you the soon to be released visual novel game SoniComi that features Nitro Plus’ music department mascot Super Soniko. Now i bring you Super Sonico Shimapan Ver. 1/7 PVC figure, a re-production of her past figure which will be released with the well taken updates ^^

Orchid Seed has done well as the colors were softened to tone up and accentuate her voluptuous curves, not to mention her undergarments are now the prized “shimapan” (striped panties) instead of the white thong. Her apron, like the past figure, is still removable and the cake and slippers are now pink instead of brown and white. They also fixed the ugly gaps on her shoulders.

New cake ( left ) vs old cake ( right )
Old white slippers VS the new pink slippers
The old figure

err ... i really do not like that thong ...

The gaps on the shoulders can be seen here
— Description from Manufacturer —

Sculpted by JYOJY (OX )

Assistance by Hiroomi Shiga and Ranmaru

With the announcement of her PC game coming up in the summer of 2010, Super Soniko’s popularity is higher than ever before! The super-popular Valentine version from Orchid Seed is back, and now she’s wearing Shimapan (striped underwear)!

The new combination of shimapan and just an apron is too powerful to resist! Sonokio has been refined in a number of areas, and the new combination of colors between her apron, cake and underwear make for an amazing set!

Don’t miss out on your chance to add this super-powered Soniko to your collection today!

Please note: This figure has been completely redone from the Valentine version with new molds and refined sculpting. Mold lines as well as imperfections after cast-off have been reduced for a more perfect figure!

You can pre-order her here or here.

More pictures of the new figure bellow.


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