Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ergo Proxy

Recently watched Ergo Proxy and it quickly went to the top of my all time favorite anime list. Ergo Proxy is a science fiction suspense anime that features cyberpunk, steampunk, and gothic elements, and focuses heavily on the psychology and mentality of its protagonists. It's just the type of anime that most tickles my fancy.

If you are not into the kind of anime that has a very intricate plot and requires a lot of attention and thinking from your part in order to understand it then you better of not even start watching it. I guess initially it may look like it's the kind that has a lot of action and cool fighting scenes but in reality most of it is quite calm and concentrates mainly in diverse philosophical themes, for example the phrase "Cogito, ergo sum" by René Descartes wich means "I think, therefore I am" is one of the most important, if whether machines are capable of thinking and feeling and what makes us what we are and also if we as free will creatures can change the destiny or are prisoners of it.

I found many making negative reviews about this anime exactly because of this, they expected something different from the path it was taking and ended up bored because they couldn't appreciate its magnificent concepts. It is true that at the beginning you will feel completely lost and thirsty for more information but you will eventually start understanding what's happening as the end approaches, you just have to pay attention and let your head slowly think about the many interesting things they will expose you too.

( Ophelia by John Everett Millais ) Does it look familiar to you? ^^
Trust me, in the end you will feel you have accomplished a lot and be proud of yourself for taking some time and really wonder about those things you usually ignore in your daily life and may also start having a different perspective about certain things. YES, an anime can do all of that and even more! ^^

In case you are having a hard time understanding or discovering some of the mysteries behind Ergo Proxy's history then this video will surely clarify you about everything ( at least it did to me, i have to admit i was surprised because there was soo much hidden information, who the hell would have though of it!? ) :

Have you seen Ergo Proxy? Like it? Hate it? Why?


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Luciana said...

you know.. I´ve just written a GIANT beautiful text about what you just said, but when I tried to post it, I couldn't remember my google account´s password... so I just lost all the text and writting it again would be delirious. So I'll just say I totally agree with what you said in the post, you couldn't have nailed it better.

Ergo Proxy IS my favourite anime off all I saw so far.

So thanks for sharing this, it's very interesting, and people, don't loose your chance on watching such a piece of art as this one is.

When I end up watching it for the second time(wich I am) I'll totally watch your clarifying video here!

Thaks, my blog is
but ups! it's in spanish.. xD anyway you're my guest

ta ta!

Panda Cookie said...

aaw what a pity, wish i could read your previous comment :/ anyway i'm glad you liked it ^^ Oh and by the way your blog looks interesting! I'm portuguese so i can understand most of it :)

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