Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Songs

Some Halloween themed songs for you to get you to get in the mood ^^ Lots of trick-or-treating minna-sa! Enjoy ~

Tommy Heavenly6 - I'm Gonna SCREAM

Tommy Heavenly6 - Lollipop Candy BAD Girl

Marilyn Manson - This Is Halloween

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Imitation Black - Clear, Dasoku, Valshe

Friday, October 29, 2010

HITT European Tour

Message from HITT regarding his European tour, which started last week on the event Japan Week that occurred in Portugal. Includes extremely cute and adorable kitty <3

European Tour
  • 24/10 Japan Week - Portugal
  • 06/11 Dudelange - Luxembourg - Why not?
  • 07/11 Paris - France - Instants Chavires
  • 12/11 Moscow - Russia - Plan B
  • 13/11 Helsinki - Finland - Gloria
  • 17/11 London - The King Pin Suite - Basement of Tavistock Hotel/ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes - Japan Underground
  • 20/11 Liège - Belgium - KaraskoBar

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ueda Tatsuya - Rabbit or Wolf

Monday, October 25, 2010

Iberanime OPO 2010

Helooooow minna-san! ^^ As you can notice i'm very amused ahah That's cuz me participated on Iberanime OPO 2010 last Saturday :D Guess i can say it was the first medium/large scale event in which i participated. It was a lot of fun and i have a ton of photos to share with you all, wanna take a look?

The event took place inside the Pavilhão Rosa Mota in Oporto, Portugal. Here are its gardens ( peacocks wandering freely through the place )

The Iberanime OPO 2010 poster on the entrance

Shall we go inside now and see all the stuff? ^^
Here's how it looked like ( it opened at 11am, that's why it's kinda of empty )


Video Games

1x1 Fight

Kendo Club


Noodles Stand

K SIC - Anime on Display


Mariana Amaral - Age: 15 - From: Setúbal

Hugo Martins - Age: 14 - From: Santo Tirso

Joana Simão - Age: 15 - From: Lisboa

Catarina Gil - Age: 15 - From: Faro

Hiroke Habe - Age: 21 - From: Agualva-Cacém

Diana Gomes - Age: 14 - From: Guarda

Maria Inês Rodrigues - Age: 20 - From: Setubal

Bruno Batista - Age: 16 - From: Idanha

David Cunha - Age: 20 - From: Amadora

Ana Sofia Salvador - Age: 23 - From: Bensafrim

António Maria Lopes - Age: 14

Tânia Martins Guita - Age: 23 - From: Almancil

Maria Inês Rodrigues - Age: 20 - From: Setúbal

Sara Moura - Age: 19 - From: Setúbal

Pedro Martins - Age: 20 - From: Mem-Martins

Bárbara Carnalho - Age: 20
Ranter Works

Format: A5
Price: Pencil - 5€ | Pen - 8€ | Extra Character - 1€ (each)

Iberanime Shop

Playing GO

( gommen, too big to translate x___x )

Origami Club

City School


Isabelle Jeudy

Elsch Leibelt

Gaijin Sentai



"Free Hugs"
This girl was trying to give hugs to 500 persons on the event, me also got a hug ^^
Video of the last few hugs bellow


Winner of the cosplay contest

2010 Cosplay World Masters

Stage Clear Coverage

Phew, it took the a while to upload all this stuff xD So tell me, what did you think about Iberanime OPO 2010? Did you participated? Me thinks it was awesome, i just wish that more events like this can occur in the future, specially in Oporto ^^ Couldn't resist to buy at least one of the thousands of goodies being sold there, here's my beloved acquirement <3 Has you bought something too?

Hope you enjoyed! Mata ne minna-san! ^^