Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heart Shaped Frying Pan

Definitely want one of these! They are so cute, wish someone made me breakfast with them ^^

You can get it here

Can also get this one here
Grab it here
Same as before, just wanted to see it with something
With luck the final result will look like this:

Ahh... Makes me remember those maid caffes with the air full of moe ~ Om nom nom!


Anonymous said...

AWWW *-------*
Adoro a ideia. Ficam mesmo queridos!
E davam-me bastante jeito :3
(Acho que o berny tem que começar a dedicar-se à cozinha ;o)

Panda Cookie said...

Eu também adorei a ideia ^^
Infelizmente o berny prefere dedicar-se à mestria do microondas xD

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