Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Bit of Countryside

Went eyesterday to the countryside to visit family. Along the way we stopped to see how our portions of land, bugs and plants were unraveling. Everything was pretty much the same as the last time, except for the uncontrollable brambles that keep seizing everything. Without much to do, i had fun taking some photos.

Weird ball, maybe it has some sort of pokemon inside
Pretty flowers
More pretty flowers
Burnt pine cone left from a fire some years ago
Didn't really post much this week, mainly cuz i will me going on holidays this friday and been busy taking care of everything i need to bring with me. I have soo many things i want to write about and so little time *sigh* Anyways, i will be on Benidorm, Spain for a week but i will leave one or two post scheduled so that it doesn't feel like i have been absent for too long. Hope you liked my bit of coutryside ^^


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