Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Culture:Japan is a TV show directed and presented by Danny Choo which brings Japanese Pop Culture to the world and features contents that folks in and outside of Japan would enjoy. Currently broadcasts on Tokyo MX TV in Japan and across Asia on the Animax Network, but hopefully it'll be available worldwide soon ^^ Can't wait for it, as i really love what i have seen of the show till now, and of course whatever comes from Danny Choo must be good! :P

And since we are talking about Mr. Danny, let me also say a few things about this. It's been quite a while since i discovered hes website, and i must say that it has been a positive influence in my life. I used to be in what he calls 'the comfort zone', wanted to do things but ended up never starting them and making excuses and thinking 'i will do it tomorrow', i knew what was happening but didn't have the will to change it, this among other things like not having clear objectives in life, not knowing what to do in the future, everything seemed so blurry and confusing. One day i came across his website and immediately got addicted to it, but only a bit later i found his motivational articles, that was when my life changed for good! All hes good advices and its own example of success showing that anyone can materialize their dreams if they fight for them and never quit, it all encouraged me to become more determined and focused on the things i want to achieve in life, i'm really thankful to Danny, he's become sort of an hero and idol to me <3 It's also thanks to him that i decided to create this blog, so that i was able to share my passions with others and with you that are on the other side of the screen, and that is something that truly makes me happy ^^

Give it a try in case you are experiencing the same things i did, it might help you. But anyway i have written to much, enough of talky talk xD Bellow the official page, trailer and Culture:Japan Episode 0. Enjoy minna-san~ :h

Official Page: Culture:Japan


Culture:Japan Episode 0


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