Thursday, July 15, 2010

My first plush

Hey everyone! So this is the second post and i was kinda lost, i didn't know how i should start it ^^' I scoured through some photos and it gave me an idea, why not show you the very first plush i made? And well, here it is. Can you tell by looking what it is? No? It's quite obvious actually ... hum ... it is ... right? Ok maybe no. It's just a toast with a ribbon on its head making a cute face and it was a gift for a friend of mine, Catarina, on her 17th birthday. Even though it was the first one i think it ended up being quite cute, don't you think? I kinda miss it, i usually get too much attached with the plushies i make and it's sad when i have to give them away, it's like they have a life of its own Dx Does that happen with you too when you have to give yours away?
Tell me what you think about the plushie and if whether you think it should have something more or if something's wrong or dunno, whatever u feel like saying ^^


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