Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some sort of introduction

Soooo, hey everyone ^^ My name is Marta Sofia aka Panda Cookie or simply Panda, call me however you prefer. I'm 17 years old ( will be 18 next November ) and i'm from Porto, Portugal. I'm actually quite fluent with english but sometimes i tend to do stupid mistakes while writing, so gommen ( sorry ) if you find them on my future posts Dx Anyways, i will write on this blog mainly about my creations ( from plushies to clothes and to whatever comes on my mind, and of course i would love to ear your ideas too ) but also about Japan related things ( anime, manga, dramas, figures, dolls, culture, music, etc. ), maybe some guitar thingies ( like tabs or video lessons ) and a bit of my daily life ( just some random things that i may find interesting to show you, my life isn't that interesting ahah ). As you can see there will be a lot to choose from, just depends of your interests. But maybe you're wondering: Why am i doing this? Well i just wanna share what i'm passionate about with everyone, share ideas and meet a ton of people with the same interests, that's all (: And i guess that's what you can expect from this blog, at least for now. I'll be writing again soon, till then cya minna-san ( everyone ) ! ^^


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