Sunday, February 20, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Ezio Auditore Figure

Finally! My first figure! I'm so happy :D The force is strong with me now that i've Ezio by my side xD

Bought it for 23€ at Fnac, i guess it wasn't that expensive, although i think they should have done a better paint job, you can see what i mean on the picture bellow ( the throwing knifes and the shoulder part ).

Among all the Ezio figures on the shop at the time this was the one with the best paint job, i couldn't even bring myself to buy the white version cuz it looked so bad >___<

Also, the figure doesn't seem to have much mobility on the legs, could barely put him how he is in the picture bellow.

I wonder if it's just my impression, but the joints don't seem to easily allow me to move the members. I had to force them a bit sometimes, was even afraid i could break it >___< Huum but i suppose maybe it's a good thing? At least the body parts will stay were i want them to and don't fall xD

Overall i'm happy with my purchase and having loads of fun playing with Ezio ^^


Renegade Kid said...

O.O lindo

Panda Cookie said...

Pois é <3

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