Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cosplay - Jordan O'Leary is Breaking Down

Found this sort of documentary/show a phew days ago that features an outsider from the cosplay culture who got curious about this activity and the reason why people do it and put so many effort on the outfits, so decides to dive directly into the cosplay world and starts discovering what it is all about. I find it quite interesting and funny, how he reacts to all the new adventures ahead of him ^^
You know that you've thought about doing it. Dressing up and acting as your favorite bad ass, your most admired musical performer or villain from a film. The mystery and wonderment that is cosplay has plagued Jordan for years but he's finally doing something about it! To get to the core of the motivation behind these fantasy seekers Jordan will have to immerse himself into the community and find out for himself if it's all the rage or just glorified Halloween.


Currently there's only two episodes available but 4 more will be coming soon. You can watch them bellow ^^

Episode 1

Episode 2


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