Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ezio Cosplay

Decided to start the Ezio cosplay by working on the belt insignia, i know it's one of the hardest parts but that's why i wanna do it first. Basically i'm just experimenting things, never done anything like this before so dunno what to expect of it xD But i guess it isn't turning out that bad, here's what i've done till now:

I'm guiding myself on the image bellow.

I'm sculpting this on some cheap clay i found on a local supermarket, dunno what type of clay it is or even if its appropriate to sculpt with but till now it seems fine. Here's what i've used till now.

Those toothpicks came quite in handy xD Some photos of the sculpting process bellow.

Does any of you have any experience with clay sculpting? If so then what tips can you give to a newbie like me? ^^


Anonymous said...

usa luvas e molha as mãos para não ficarem Prints.
Usa a parte de trás de uma colher para blendar o layer debaixo com o de cima. xD

Vih =)

Panda Cookie said...

Eu tentei usar luvas mas estorvam muito, não deixam trabalhar bem :/ Mas molhei um bocado as mãos para o barro não endurecer a medida que mexia nele. Não percebi a parte da colher xD

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